Friday, January 05, 2007

Another Family Learns about "Adoption" the Hard Way

Teen mother has change of heart, from the Akron Beacon-Journal

From the article:

Their story includes accusations that a guidance counselor at GlenOak High School arranged a meeting on school grounds between the teenager and the adoption agency, and that the adoption agency urged her to run away from home so it would be easier to sign papers away from her parents.

Ranza and Judy Bennett have obtained temporary custody of Evelyn, but A Child's Waiting has disregarded the court order and, according to the Bennetts, urged the adoptive family to keep the child hidden and not disclose their location.

``We just want our grandbaby home,'' Judy Bennett said at their two-story town house on Rem Circle Northeast. ``This has been nothing but a total nightmare.''

Moms, dads....your teens are being advised by their high school counselors, on school grounds, to surrender their babies for adoption without your knowledge or consent. Your tax dollars are supporting this. Your children are being advised to run away from home so your grandchildren can be "placed" into a stranger's home forever - and for a profit. Your grandchildren can be secreted away from you and held indefinitely, despite court orders, until the clock runs out on you.

What are you going to do about it?

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Anonymous said...

Now THIS is an issue that is more in line with what we have been trying to get across for years. It is a fact that mothers who are young, single or less than financially stable are vulnerable to this kind of coercion. The way the potential adopters are hiding that baby is pure adoption attorney strategy...using the law to break the law. It is an execrable practice.